Pesky gNATs online training

In developing Pesky gNATs we aim to use technology to support the delivery of high quality Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. One way we do this is to provide on-line, video-based training for mental health professionals in how to use Pesky gNATs. 

You can register for this training by following the steps outlined here. It includes two types of training videos to help you get the most from Pesky gNATs. 

1. A short introductory film that reviews the CBT concepts within the game and explains the adaptations that makes them developmentally suitable and available for delivery in a computer game world. The first clip on the right shows a preview of this film.
2. A series of films that provide a level-by-level walk through of the game. In these films we present the full content of the game and discuss how we typically use it session by session with young people. They will help you get the most from our software and offer ideas on how you might use it in your clinical work. 

We have designed these films so they prepare you to use Pesky gNATs for the first time. However, they will also always be available to you to review at any time as an aid to your work. 

The second clip on the right shows a short preview of the level-by-level walk through.